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FS Italia Carro F scale 1:32 gauge 1 mm.45

FS Italia gueterwagen "F" spur 45 mm 1:32

Tips for the construction

Some finished waggons that I've built

Download Carro F free drawings !

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Rimessa in compensato scale 1:32 gauge 1

 Small loco shed 1:32 plywood made

Scarica gratis disegni costruttivi e manuale

Free download construction manual and plans

Europallet from wood scraps

Free drawings LGB IIm scale

Free drawings 1:32 scale


Do you like dioramas ?

Do you like mountains too ?

Take a look at my Eiger Nordwand

1:16600 scale diorama

Construction pictures

Download A3/A4 plan !

" St Josef "

Graubundner Chapel IIm scale LGB

No-cost model that can be built  from scraps

in a few days

Mysterious 1975 plane crash at Lago d'Avino

Do you know something about ?

Download cross slide gib plan

Improve your Proxxon PD 230 lathe

See my tutorial videos

IIm scale locomotive paraffin lamp

Download free plan

DURHAM & N.Y.S.C.  2" scale traction engine

Compensating gear, wheels rubbing,

 gears guards and other improvements.

A second life for this interesting model I built in the nineties

that has not steamed up for 11 years.


Artistic jigsaw patterns designed by my wife Gabry