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Crashed airplane at Piana d'Avino ( Alpe Veglia - Monte Leone - Italy )

coord. N 46 14.458   E 8 07.680  -  2236 m. approx

Saturday 31-7-2010 during a mountain trekking I photographed the wrekage of plane D-xAMH ( "x" is an unknown letter )

As you read on a plate attached on a rock near the plane the date of crash appears to be 8-5-1975

and the names of the deceased : H. Bechler  E. Staub  R. Lang  H. Langenmaier

Intrigued by this old disaster I searched news from internet but I found nothing.

If you know something about this story write me, I'll put the news here to remember these unfortunate people died in such a beautiful place.