I chose to get the tyres for my Durham from a rubber plate 15 mm thick rather than buy a specific rubber section much more expensive

I have glued them to the rims with UHU Plus epoxy glue

Finally I ground the tyres edges on my kitchen table with a bench grinder

The rubber band tightened by two nylon straps

with the help of clothes pegs inserted below it.

Rubber cutting

Make each cut at 15 degrees from the vertical

and trim each end at 30 degrees ( junction )

Durham & N.Y.S.C.

Model Traction Engine 2" scale ( 1:6 )

In the area of the rubber junction I glued two plastic strips to fill the wheel's outer surface to help rubber adhesion

Grind the rubber sides with the aid of a bench grind.

Lift the engine from the table and rotate the axle with your hands.

This job fill the house of rubber powder, but I have no wife ...

My 2" Durham traction engine at the end of wheel's job