I think that in a model of this scale is necessary to protect the driver's fingers  from the gears.

So I decided to apply two guards, one on the left side to protect from the final gear and the other at the right side.

Both are made from 0,7 mm brass with 1,5 mm steel supports and 1/16" copper rivets and are screwed to side plates with M3 hex. steel screws.

The final gear's guard screwed to the sideplate

The upper guard's support is screwed to the 2nd axle bearing

Durham & N.Y.S.C.

Model Traction Engine 2" scale ( 1:6 )

Views of the outside and interior of the left side guard

Two brackets supports the guard to the tender plate

Download free 3D PDF of the gear guards

and see how are made !

3D PDF of the left side gear guard

3D PDF of the right side gear guard