Last update = 22 sep 2011

Among the years 1991 and 1995 I build this fascinating model, my first ever traction engine construction, by John Haining plans  and casting from Blackgates Engineering.

At the time I decided to simplify the construction, omitting some details and adding a few changes in comparison to the original project.

Now I decided to complete my model with compensating gear, wheels rubbering, gear guards for safety, and other details and steam up again my model.

Wheels' rubbering


Glueing rubber strips on the wheels





Adding the compensating gear to the driving axle.


The model in its original conditions - august 1998

In these pages I describe the completion of my Durham with some photos and 3D plans.

Other improvements I will add them in the next autumn.

Some other interesting improvements and original mistakes are described by Tony Webster in M.E. old issues dated 21 june 1991 and 19 july 1991

You can see here these interesting pages


Water injector

Steam whistle

Footplates etc


to follow


Gear guards

Brass gear guards for the driver's fingers  protection,


Durham & N.Y.S.C.

Model Traction Engine 2" scale ( 1:6 )

See a Durham video !